How much water would it take to cool the sun.


The question is quite interesting So let’s discuss it.

How much water is required to cool the sun?? Well, here is the thing if you took all of the water on the earth and threw it at the sun. What you are actually doing is making the sun burn brighter, longer and get bigger. Now this might seem illogical but to get why this happens we need to go back to what is flame or what a fire actually means on Earth.

So usually what happens with a fire is you have a combustible material mix with some heat, some oxygen or an oxidizer and you make a chain reaction out of those and you get a flame. 

You know that usually when we put up flames we use water.  Water is really good at putting up fire because it has a few special properties. 

  • Water is really good at absorbing heat and it can absorb a lot of it. So it takes away that heat that’s really important in sustaining a fire.
  • Another important property which water has is that it chokes the fire and prevents oxygen from getting into it.

Now if we talk about the sun, then the tricky part about the sun is that it’s not actually burning, it’s not actually combustible then how it creates heat and light. It is possible through a process called the nuclear fission so the sun is huge, it’s massive. It has tons literally millions of tons of hydrogen atoms and in the core of the sun there is a lot of pressure coming from the outer mass of the solar body itself and pushing against the core and what’s happening inside the core is that the hydrogen atoms are colliding with each other and they are creating new atoms or new particles that are called as helium or very closely related to helium. While this is happening heat and light and other small particles are being emitted. So, the sun is not actually burning, it’s not actually combusting.

Now let’s get back to the question: how much water to be used to cool down the sun?? If you were to throw water or h2o hydrogen and oxygen on to the sun. What you would be doing is just giving the sun more and more fuel. Which means it would just go bigger and more bigger and live even longer you wouldn’t actually be cooling the sun by throwing water but just for fun we did do some calculations and figure out how much energy that the sun was gonna be outputting for the next five billion years that it’s alive and we figured out that it’s around 2.6110101010101040gm of water. Now what does that mean in terms of how much water there’s on earth that’s about 19 quadrillion times the water that we have on earth that we need to force and again that’s not gonna happen because you know we would just be making the sun hotter and bigger and live longer.

 So what are some other ways that you may think of. We have thought about maybe you know taking a ton of fire extinguishers and shooting them while we are in space seeing if  that extinguishes the sun or may be some fire retardant blankets. How much sun block lotion will be required for that who knows. Let us know what you guys think of it in the comment section.


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