Why are emojis always yellow???


Everyone likes chatting on a smartphone or social networking site. During chatting on Facebook, WhatsApp, Hike, Messenger, etc., users have started using more emojis than words. Emojis and smileys are currently very popular on social messaging sites. Older emojis have been greatly improved over time. 

There are more than 800 emoji available on WhatsApp right now. While Facebook has maintained its separate range. But have you ever noticed why emojis have yellow color? If you have not noticed this yet, then we explain to you the mathematics behind it.

Swift Media has done a study about emoji and smileys. It is a mobile engagement platform. Salihah Afridi, the director of lighthouse Arabia and a psychiatric doctor in Dubai, said that emojis work fast, easy and correctly when you cannot show your emotions with your face. Through this, people can express their feelings without words. But the question remains the same: Why are emojis colored yellow??? 

There is no definitive answer for this. There are many reasons behind this. Some people say that the color of the emoji is made to resemble the person’s skin tone. While some people say that the face of laughing and blooming looks yellow, hence the color of emojis is yellow. Not only this but the color of stickers and balloon icons is also yellow. This color is a symbol of happiness. At the same time, it was also argued that the laughing face looked much better on the yellow background. 

If you have another answer for this then You can tell us in the comment section why you think emojis are made of yellow color??


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