Why do we say hello first???


Hello, friends. Do you even say hello when you pick up the phone ?? Yes of course, We all know that the first word that we say as soon as we pick up the phone is hello. But do you know why we first say hello ?? It is obvious that we must have heard this many times that according to the etiquettes, all of us first say hello as soon as we pick up the phone. But when did it start ?? Who started it and why ?? Today we want to give you detailed information about it.

The word “Hello” is derived from the German word Hola according to the Oxford English Dictionary. Did you know what Hola means?? Hola means “how are you” ?? Let me tell you that in ancient times this word was also used by sailors. And after 1380, the word Hola had become hello. After that the term started to be used by hunters very frequently. But perhaps you will be very surprised to know that when Graham Bell invented the telephone, he used to speak Ahoy instead of Hello. The inventor of the telephone, Graham Bell, patented it on 10 March 1876.

Some people  believe that Graham Bell’s love story is hidden behind the word hello. But it is not so. People say that after patenting the telephone, he got the first phone call to his girlfriend Margaret Hello. He used to say her hello with love. That is why the first word hello is pronounced as soon as you pick up the phone.

Well, there is another story to say hello on the phone. It is said that when the telephone was invented, people used to first say “Are you there” on the phone. But people could not believe whether their voice was on the other side or not. This word used to be so long that there was not much time during conversation. 

And American inventor Thomas Edison did not like such a long sentence. That’s why when he called someone for the first time, he said hello. And this word came to be understood easily, so this word was chosen. In 1877, it was proposed to speak hello for everyone.


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