Why is Sunday the holiday??

Sunday is a holiday

After working all week, we all wait for Sunday. Because all the offices and schools are closed on Sundays. At some time or other, it must have come to your mind that there are 7 days in a week, but Sunday is the only day in which there is a holiday. Why so ?? So friends, just read this blog till the end because we are going to talk about why Sunday is a holiday in this blog.

Hello guys !!!! Let’s discover the reason for the holiday on sunday. When the British used to rule us, there was no single day off for the workers. But British officials used to go to Church every Sunday and worship there. But there was no such greatness for the workers. However, when the Mughals ruled over us, it was a holiday on Friday.

Because at that time all the Mughal officers and soldiers used to pray but since India was enslaved to the British, there was no such weekly holiday. The result of this was that people started getting upset because people used to do the same thing again and again, there was frustration, hopelessness and tiredness among the people. 

At that time Shri Narayan Milkha Lokhande used to be the leader of mill workers. He proposed a weekly holiday in front of the Britishers. He told the British that after working 6 days a week, one day should also be there to serve the society. With this proposal, he also said that Sunday is the day of the Hindu deity Khandwa, that is why Sunday should be declared as a weekly holiday.

But his proposal was directly rejected by the British authorities. But Lokhande did not lose hopes and continued his struggle. Finally, on 10 June 1890, the British government finally declared Sunday as a day off after a long period of 7 years. It is a matter of surprise that the Government of India did not issue any order regarding this after independence. Nor is it mentioned in the Constitution. 

That’s it. This was the story behind Why Sunday is a holiday?? Hope you guys liked it.


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