Why it is said in science we only breathe oxygen??


As you know that Earth is the only Planet in which Life Exists. Life exists on Earth because of a lot of factors. One of them is the atmosphere and gas filled in it. Earth’s Atmosphere contains 78% nitrogen, 21% oxygen and 1% of the remaining gases. 

And the most important gas to serve Humans is Oxygen. So the question arises that when nitrogen is more in the atmosphere  then why do we inhale oxygen only. Gas is invisible and non-separable. Then why do we all inhale oxygen? Aren’t the other gas inhaled?? 

There are Many factors which are responsible for making our body work. But the most important for breathing is oxygen. Till date in school too, we have been taught that we take oxygen in while breathing and release carbon dioxide while exhaling. And this process continues in our whole life and every second.

But do we really take only oxygen inside? While the gas is non-separable. It is true that we need oxygen to stay alive, but there is also a truth that we take gases inside but not just oxygen. We take all the gases from the mouth or nostrils which reach the lungs and then these gases reach the blood vessels from air sacs.

And this is the work of exchanging oxygen in the blood vessels. Blood vessels contain red blood cells which are also known as RBC and this is the reason for blood color to be red. And this is the RBC protein which is called as hemoglobin, which works to exchange oxygen from air sac to blood. And only RBCs have the capacity to dissolve oxygen in blood. 

And a little bit of nitrogen is also dissolved, while the other gases go out when exhaling. And these entire processes are completed in a few seconds. Similarly, we can say that we not only inhale oxygen but all gases.


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