Why the Gas cylinder in your house is always red in color??


Gas cylinders are used in your homes. But have you ever thought that why is the gas cylinder always red in color? Yes, all of you have heard right that everyone has never thought of this thing. But don’t worry because today we are going to tell you why the color of the gas cylinder is red? It has two reasons. To know these reasons, you have to go through this blog till last. So let’s start.

In the past, wood gas fires were used for cooking, due to which there was a lot of pollution. But as technology evolved, humans discovered a gas that burns without smoke and is able to control pollution. Friends, let me tell you that using this gas has become much easier than before. As you know, almost all LPG gas is being used in many places now. There are many advantages of using this gas. The first of which is that it saves both the effort and time of humans. That is why people mostly use LPG gas for cooking. 

Now let’s talk about why the color of the gas cylinder is red? The first reason for this is as you all know that Red is a colour of danger. Because gas cylinders contain LPG gas which is highly flammable. Even though it is helpful in cooking, it is not less than a threat. LPG gas catches fire very quickly, hence LPG gas should be used with caution so that it can be avoided due to a big accident. Let us now talk about another reason.

The second reason is that red is used to highlight its identity. Let me tell you that cylinders of different gas are painted in different colors. For example, oxygen gas cylinders are white colored. Gray color to the cylinder of carbon dioxide gas. Nitrogen gas cylinders are dyed with a green colour and so on. In this way, by looking at the gas cylinder, you will get to know that this gas is poured in it. LPG gas cylinders are filled in cylinders with red color. Because of which it can be identified very easily between different cylinders. 

Now I hope you all got cleared why LPG gas cylinders are always red in color.


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