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I know that in today’s generation it’s impossible to get job without any extra skills. To develop that skills what you need is a smartphone and internet. Yes you heard it right!!!! Today I am going to tell you about some of the Udemy premium courses for free. You all have to just click the link for the particular course you want to study. So let’s get started…….

Build a Quiz App with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript

Improve your core development skills by building a Quiz App with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript

What you”ll learn in this course is :-

  • ES6 JavaScript features like arrow functions, the spread operator, const and let, and template literal string
  • How to use the Fetch API to load trivia questions from an API
  • How to store high scores in Local Storage
  • How to use Flexbox, Animations, and REM units in CSS
  • How to create a progress bar from scratch
  • How to create a spinning loader icon from scratch

Click the link for the Course

Get to know HTML Learn HTML Basics

Step by Step introduction to HTML Explore HTML coding and how you can get started creating your own Web Content pages

  • Create HTML pages
  • HTML structures to build web pages
  • Understand how to create tags within HTML
  • Use HTML elements select them and style them

Click the link for the course

Programming for Entrepreneurs – JavaScript

Learn JavaScript from scratch and get started with that website/app/game project!

  • Learn basic JavaScript
  • Learn how to make interactive html pages/apps

Click the link for the course

Programming 101

Comprehend basic foundational knowledge of hardware, networking, programming and licensing.

  • Count bits
  • Understand binary data
  • Understand bit processing
  • Understand basic network structure
  • Understand routers, ISP’s, packets and HTTP
  • Full working knowledge of programming languages
  • Understand the concepts behind a programming language
  • Understand variables and constants
  • Understand functions, arguments and parameters
  • Know about software licensing
  • Comprehend DRM, patents and morality of the industry

Click the link for the course

Basic Coding in JavaScript 

Have fun while learning how to program a computer..

  • JavaScript
  • Basic coding/programming
  • Problem solving skills

Click the link for the course

Introduction to Python Programming

Start your programming career by learning how to program in Python…….

By the end of this course, students will be able to create basic programs using Python……….

Click the link for the course

C# Automapper: Code Smart

Busy developer? Do you want to code clean and smart? Take this course and master the Automapper tool!

  • Master Automapper tool and write clean and decoupled code
  • Start coding effectively

Click the link for the course

Programming with Python All in One

Develop problem solving skills….

  • Basic programming skills
  • Computer science concept
  • Python programming language
  • Problem solving – put everything together with software

Click the link for the course

Learn Coding from the Scratch

Learn how to program your own app. You’ve always wanted to learn how to build software or code a script out of the box.

  • Program your own app
  • Analyse a code structure
  • Design your algorithm
  • Code your own script as a time machine
  • Build and deploy your program
  • Test your software
  • Find and debug your errors in the code
  • Learn about modelling your software
  • For training algorithmic thinking

Click the link for the course

Java Tutorial Complete course

Learn to program using the Java programming language

Click the link for the course

Java Database Connection: JDBC and MySQL

Learn how to connect to a MySQL database with Java JDBC

  • Connect to a MySQL Database with Java
  • Submit SQL statements to insert, update and delete data
  • Handle SQL parameters with Prepared Statements
  • Calls stored procedures and handle various parameter types (IN, INOUT etc..)
  • Read and write BLOB and CLOB data files
  • Configure your database connection information with properties files

Click the link for the course

Become an Android Developer from Scratch

Simply the best place to start learning Android Development.

  • Create your own professional quality Android apps
  • Deploy to the Google Play store
  • Interview for a job anywhere in the world

Click the link for the course

Introduction to Algorithms and Data structures in C++

A step-by-step guide with solved problems. I’m teaching visually with lots of examples.

  • Deeply understand basic Algorithms & Data Structures concepts
  • Apply Algorithms & Data structures to new problems
  • Analyse algorithms efficiency
  • Find efficient algorithms
  • Solve algorithmic problems!
  • Learn more advanced topics

Click the link for the course

Python For Data Science

This course is specifically created for Data Science / AI / ML / DL. It covers BASICS PYTHON ONLY

  • Acquire the prerequisite Python skills to move into specific branches – Data
  • Science(Machine Learning/Deep Learning) , Big Data , Automation Testing, Web development etc..
  • Have the skills and understanding of Python to confidently apply for Python programming jobs.

Click the link for the course


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