How to join Indian Army as a Hacker or a Software Developer??


No, You can’t serve Indian Army directly as a Hacker or a Software Developer. As there is no direct exam to get recruit as a hacker in Indian army.

But Don’t loose hope guys, If you really want to serve Indian Army as a hacker or software developer then there are some alternative methods which you can follow…..

For understandable reasons, Indian Armed Forces DO NOT hire civilian hackers — they train their own!

To become a hacker (or whatever they’re called in the civilian domain) in the Armed Forces— you MUST join them through the regular process. That is through the UPSC exams & SSB interview. There are NO special openings for previously trained hackers.

After the normal process of selection and training — one can choose the branch which deals with these issues (SIGNALS in case of the Army). But that doesn’t get you any closer to becoming a hacker for the Army. All SIGNALS officers have to go through the same training and have the same work profile — at least initially. Then some of them may get an opportunity to be selected for (military) courses which teach Cybersecurity. The content of these courses is classified for obvious reasons. But one can make an educated guess that ‘military grade’ training would possibly be far more comprehensive and focused — towards the needs of the Armed Forces.

Then these officers may get posted to units like Compute Emergency Response Team (CERT) of the respective services like the CERT (Army).

OR…some may end up working in other types of ‘units’ like Military Intelligence and Counterintelligence come to mind.

The point we are trying to make here is that you have to first become an officer — then be selected for such specialist tasks — not the other way around.

As for the proposed Tri Services Cyber Command— thats still a long way away. Meanwhile the Army, Navy and Air Force do have their own dedicated teams working in the Cyber domain — manned 100% by their own officers and soldiers. There is absolutely NO scope for a civilian to work even as a consultant in this field. Because whoever you may be — the nation’s secrets cannot be entrusted to someone who hasn’t sworn to safeguard them ‘even to the peril of their life’ (phrase borrowed from the Officer Cadets’ oath).

So if you want to become a hacker for the Army, Navy or the Air Force — the ONLY way is to join as an officer or a soldier first.

As for the other branches of the Government, I’ll leave that for someone who knows more on the subject to answer.

Thank you guys hope, this blog is helpful for most of the people here.

Thank you guys hope, this blog is helpful for most of the people here.


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