Can you Call Police Without SIM? Without Balance?

emergency call

Friends, sometimes such situations are excessive that we have to make emergency calls such as to the police or ambulance. I never want you to go through such a situation. I just want that All of you have been safe. So today’s topic is, can I call an emergency number without a SIM???

If calls can be made, how do these calls work? So let’s start. … In any country there are telephone lines whether it is mobile or landline or GSM or CDMA lines it hardly matters. Here we are talking about only phones. Whatever mobile or landline or any line, there is another line connected with them which is called as emergency contact.

Now what are these emergency contacts ??? These are Such as ambulances, fire departments or police contacts. There is a separate line for all this. If you do not have balance in your SIM, you can still call all these emergency contacts.

Now how your phone works at that time. At that time, your phone is searching for any available network. It does not matter if you are using jio or airtel sim. Your emergency call is connected by connecting to whatever network is available at that time. 

After that you can connect with them. And you can follow what he says.

Now what happens is that our emergency services here are not as developed as in the US. Whatever developed cities are, they are given training and they can also check the location simultaneously because the technology has become so advanced.

But the principle of every country is that all the emergency no’s are free and they can be called without SIM even on those numbers.

Keep in mind that you should call these numbers only when you are really in trouble. These are the numbers of very large authorities, if you call them without any reason then maybe you can get in trouble.


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