Where Dark Web is Stored ? Secret Location of Servers ?

Dark web

In this article, we will understand what is the location of the dark web. Location does not mean where they were performed. The question is on which server does this dark web is?? This means that when you have a link to the dark service, then only you can access the dark web, otherwise you cannot reach it.

The data of the dark web would be stored somewhere.  So, is it possible that we can directly hack that server? Or can get access to see what is stored in the dark web. So Today we will talk about only.

First off, let’s get the terminology straight. The “Deep Web” is a term used to simply describe information that is accessible on the internet, but is not indexed by search engines for one reason or another. 

The “Dark Web” on the other hand is what I think you meant, and that is a term used to describe areas on the internet accessible only through a specialized routing protocol with built-in encryption. The most popular routing protocol used for this purpose is TOR, follow by the far-second I2P.

That means only people using this protocol can access the “Dark Web”, like TOR’s hidden services. Servers can use the protocol as well, and stay hidden from revealing their actual location.

That’s called a “Hidden Service”. Basically anyone can start a hidden service, on basically any server. That means the “Dark Web” data is distributed world-wide, across many services that sit on many servers.


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