Why Ads Never Buffer? Why Video Buffer on YouTube?

buffering of you tube

So, someone called me yesterday and said Bhai yar ye youtube to bada hi ganda platform hai…..And I was like What?? Why are you saying that?? And he asked me why ads never buffer but video buffers on Youtube?? If Internet connection is slow then it should be slow for both the platforms not only for one. So let’s Find out the treason behind this…

Let me clear it first that It’s not because of You Tube. Youtube is not responsible for all this.You Tube does not discriminate with you in any way. But yes, if you see, then Youtube earns money from ads only. If ads will also start buffering then you tube will not be able to earn money. So they will give first priority to their ads. But that doesn’t mean that they will avoid content. 

Both things matter because if you watch the content, and ads are not working, then can’t generate the revenue. But there is a catch in it that Normally an ad only lasts for 15 seconds. So it loads quickly. Whereas The length of the normal video is 3 to 10 minutes.

You must have seen that whenever you watch a video, there is a red color line running in it and a white color line is running in front of it. So the white line is that it looks like this much pre-loaded video has already been loaded.

Because of which you will see that many times the lights have gone off in your house and there is a wifi connection in your house, then your video starts buffering after a while. Why ??? Because that part is already loaded which we see after lights are cut off. 

All this happens according to the algorithm of YouTube. If your video is 4 minutes, then it will load some part of that video in advance. And that small part can be bigger than your uniqueness. That’s why it takes time to load.

So that is why whoever is a cousin belongs to the internet provider. There is no fraud taking place with you. Mr. Sure has taken such a plan of his own, which would have provided you with such speed.

But I am very sorry to say that you are not getting that much speed  that your YouTube videos can play.


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