Why Emojis Don’t Have Hair?


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So, Have you ever thought about Why Emojis don’t have hairs??? Ammmm….. Maybe I never even thought about it once….. But one of my friends asked me, “Yr tuu itne emojis bhejta hai muje…. Lekin in emojis ke bal ku nhi hote hain” in such a funny way that I also got curious to know about it…And decided to write an article about the same…and discuss this with you guys.

So, without wasting everyone’s time let’s get started..

Let’s start with How did emoji’s start?? So Emoji started in the mid 90s when it was coming to the internet and web world. In those days, when people used to write text, they used to put emoji, which was according to the text or according to the symbol. Like they used to give colon and a bracket was put in front of it 🙂 which meant that they were smiling. 

That’s why every emoji or emoticons is called a Smiley…. Nowadays what happens is When we put this symbol which is mentioned above the database usually fetches it and what we will see on our  screen is that it will automatically change the symbol into emoticons. 

So these emojis have been used since the 90’s but why do we use them? This is used to show the expressions of any person. Because when we write a text to someone, they do not understand our expressions or feelings, due to which many people take the spoken word serially and then there comes the misunderstanding among them, so these emojis are also very useful in that case. You also know that not everyone can be a writer or express his or her words without emojis so we require emojis. 

And currently Apple has released 100 Emozis. Many people also misuse them such as using several Emoticons together which is wrong. You should not do this. These are only for the feelings and expressions, so please use them for the same purpose. Now, as you know, hair does not represent any expressions.

Have you ever heard that I got to know about this emotion by looking at its hair? Never according to me Because Hair never shows any emotions. Therefore, hair has not been used in emojis till date.

The earlier emojis used to have only eyes and mouth. Initially it was them only then later many different types of emojis have arrived. Now I have seen some new emojis where there were hair on emoticons but they were representing a family or a groom or bride. So here we are talking about old emojis which were yellow and orange colored. 

We are talking about the same emojis who came first in the mid 90’s. They do not even have ears. So the conclusion is that ears and hairs do not show any expression. So this is the main reason that emoticons do not have hairs.

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