Without Computers?? How movies were edited before??

movies were edited

Hey have you guys ever thought that in the 1980s and 1990s the computers were not so popular at that time and And perhaps there were not even many computers at that time. Then how were old movies edited before?? 

But today we have sony vegas pro, after effects, filmora and many more. Then how did films get edited at that time?? How special effects were shown at that time?? I know that Old films did not have so many special effects. In the 90s, when a movie had special effects, it was very strange and different. 

So let’s get back to the 1980s. In those times when films were made So the film used to be in a reel form. Like if you had ever photographed with your negative camera before That camera used to give negative then those negative ones were developed later. There was a complete reel of negatives like this.

In cinema halls, this negative used to go very fast and the projector lights would fall on them, then they used to turn around and in that manner people were watching movies at that time. Now there used to be a machine called Moviola to edit those films. This machine was not made in India, it used to come from outside. Physically the reels were cut and added or pasted. As if a scene was bad, that part was cut from the reel and the rest of the reel was pasted. So that when the reels run on the projector, that part does not play at that time.

There were no computer generated things at that time, so what was done was that frames were drawn manually one by one. For example, if a particular effect is to be seen, then it was first drawn in one reel and then it was made further in the second reel and so on. So what happens when that reel is run, then the special effects that were created in them were also moving. And this was the special effect and CGI of that time.

Nowadays what you see in videos and movies is very amazing. It was unthinkable at that time. At that time special effects were drawn by hand in the reel. You can imagine how much hard work they did. Did you know How many frames are there in 1 sec, at least 30. And if you want to show a special effect for 1 sec, then you have to draw that special effect on 30 reels with your hand. How time consuming was that. 

It is a very difficult task. Editing used to be very difficult at that time But most of the editing was done without the help of computers. So editing was done with the help of moviola types of machines, who used to be in very select places.

Now came the 90s. At that time computer generated graphics were started coming in and computer generating editing started. But at that time there were very few people doing this editing, whom all the people used to call scientists. Those people know how to work on foreign softwares. 

If we compare editing from today’s world then it’s a normal practice in house to house people are learning. But it was not so in those days. After that came the phase of Shaktimaan.

Shaktimaan came in 2000. The editing that was done in Shaktiman was very basic level of animation. But at that time it seemed very fascinating because we had never seen special effects before. So that looked amazing. Those special effects became very popular among children. Technology has never looked back since then and now advanced technology has arrived.

I hope that you guys have come to know how movies were edited before?? 


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