Why nobody has tried to walk on moon after Americans??


Hey guys,

Have you ever wondered about this?? Why only Americans had walked over moon??? why can’t we ?? Let’s find out the reason behind this…..

Apollo 20 was the last Apollo mission to the moon. It was canceled after Apollo 12 was successful … Some claim it was to allow for an additional “Skylab” mission.

Between the failure of Apollo 13 and the landing of Apollo 13, Apollo 1 and 19 were later canceled. There are some answers to this – perhaps they all contribute:

Declining public interest:- It was reported that Apollo 14 received a lower TV rating than the re-re-re-runs of “I Love Lucy” shown at the same time … and that viewership decreased since “Going to the Moon “became regular rather than remarkable.

End of the Cold War:- The original moon landing was planned to demonstrate to the Soviet Union that the United States had clear technical superiority in space and rocket / missile technology. And what was going on that the Cold War was appearing – it was a very expensive, and the US government simply did not want to spend money on it.

Mission Security:- After the disaster near Apollo 13 – NASA studying the accuracy of the entire Apollo mission profile very carefully – from launch to takeoff. Which took a long time to complete – but reports have shown that Apollo 13 was just a very threatening sign. This showed that the Apollo system was so dangerous.

Serious computer defect that occurred on the moon’s approach.

There is a need to choose a backup landing site which nearly runs them out of fuel.

While launching from the moon they had suffered failure of the switch which was jammed off by the ballpoint pen in the switch system to save everyone!!

By the time the security report was over, Apollo 16 had been launched – and it was actually too late to cancel Apollo 17. But this was the end of the line. Saving money – and the fact that the general public didn’t get harm were also good reasons.

The cancellations actually excelled this – because even though NASA had Saturn V launchers already built for two additional Skylab missions that were using the Apollo 18 and 19 launchers – the ones were canceled and the rest Two fully functional launchers were used as museum pieces.


Among all of these three reasons, it is difficult to say exactly what is the main reason for the question asked above but I am sure that it was a combination of all of them.


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