A Man from Mumbai saves Rs.3-4 lakh while shopping online and offline.

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Hey guys,

In 2020, Have you heard about a man who spent the majority of his career in negotiating?? He had saved 6 to 7 lakh rupees in online and offline shopping through bargaining and promo codes. And he had written an ebook name How to be an expert in Bargaining. This ebook is got so many positive reviews. Yes, you heard it right!!! It was so impressive that he became so popular at that time that I can’t even think of it.

There are some tips and tricks which you will use then you can also able to bargain and save a lot of money Like him. Did you know how?? To know this you have to read the full blog because in this we are going to talk about how he did this in just a few months.

In an interview, he said that “Bargaining is not something we are built up with by birth. To him clearly, it has to be learned and developed. He started this thing with online shopping. He never used to buy anything without a promo code. 

Now the question that comes to our mind is that Not all the big E-commerce platforms provide Promo codes for everything we purchased from them. Then How it is possible for him to do so?? So here is the answer!!! He used so many unique tricks and methods to search for the promo codes in his interview he said ” He joined so many telegram groups and Facebook groups that provide daily updates related to discount and offers

But here comes the twist!!! His life changes when he started bargaining offline. Whenever he used to visit a shop he never thinks from a customer point of view. He always thinks from a shopkeeper point of view and understands how they used to negotiate. And like this, he always used to save money whether he has gone grocery shopping or for buying something for himself.

You shoud read his ebook because in his ebook he will teach you so many unknown things about bargaining. You can’t imagine that this book is so popular and became the best selling book ever!!! This ebook costs somewhere around Rs400/-.But you can read this ebook at Rs199/-

It is a really interesting book if you want to save your money online or offline. To buy it click on the link given below….

How to be an expert in Bargaining(BUY NOW)


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