Learn hacking and programming for FREE from these courses

Dark web

Today learn hacking and programming for FREE from these courses that I am going to share with you in this blog. So we all know about telegram right? But did you know telegram is not just about downloading pirated movies and web series? From telegram, you can also access N number of premium programming courses.

So today I am going to share 2 telegram channels that provide weekly premium udemy courses for FREE.

1- ihacknet

ihacknet is one of my fav telegram channels because it shares lots of interesting stuff related to hacking. They also do live podcasts with some professional ethical hackers. In this telegram channel every Sunday morning you will get premium programming courses worth more than 10 thousand for FREE Click here to join Ihacknet.https://telegram.im/@ihacknet_official?p=1

2- Tech2hack

Tech2hack is amazing because here you will get N numbers of tech hacks, news, and much more amazing stuff daily. This telegram channel share lots of premiuem hacking tools softwere and tricks for free of cost. Click here to join this channel on telegram. https://telegram.im/@tech2hacks_official?p=1

So Don’t miss any of them join both of them.


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