Why do we show little fingers to go to the washroom??


Whether it’s an offline class or online courses class, or we can say whether in offline college or in online colleges students use to go to the washroom in between classes. But have you ever thought about this question once in your life?? Why do we only use this finger??  Do you really think that showing a little finger is a sign that represents “Want to go to the washroom”??  If you belong to India or from Indian subcontinent then I must say it’s obvious to use this symbol for the same purpose.

But What about other countries like America?? Do they use the same symbol for loo?? I know Everyone is now thinking about it. Don’t worry guys, You will get all the answers in this particular blog. So read till the end.

Is this a Universal gesture??

First of all , please understand that the little finger for loo is not an universal gesture . It is an Indian gesture or a gesture valid in the Indian Subcontinent only. For example the American Sign language gesture for loo break is raising the first finger and bending it in half.

Main reason behind this 

According to ancient Indian teaching, the five fingers of our hand represent the five basic elements of which life is made.

These are as follows:-

Thumb:- Fire Element

Index Finger:- Air/Wind Element

Middle Finger:- Space Element 

Ring Finger:- Earth Element

Little Finger:- Water element

Water forms a major part of our body. Hence to denote the water retention capability of our body has reached its maximum level, we show the little finger.

Important:- It is also said that we can control our urge to go to the loo by pressing the little finger(nail) with the thumb.


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