Instagram and Facebook password hacking methods


According to a report, on average Facebook and Instagram face more than 1 Lakh serious password hacking attempts per day. Facebook and Instagram spend a lot of money to secure their system so that they can prevent these hacking attacks.

But still, there are so many lope holes left that hackers use to hack Facebook and Instagram. And today in this blog I will share 2 of those lope holes with you. And by the end of this blog, you will also learn how you can also hack Facebook and Instagram passwords.

1-Brute force attacks

The first method hackers use is a Brute force attack, The most frequent cybersecurity advice you’ll ever hear is “use a strong password”. And there’s a very good reason for this. Far too many people use weak passwords for their social media accounts such as 1234, rohit123, fbpass, abc4544 etc.

These sort of weak passwords are vulnerable to a so-called brute force attack. This is a password hacking method in which Hackers use software and paste target user profile links after that they bombard a login page with thousands upon thousands of passwords until it gets the right one and logs into your account. Passwords such as “123456” are among the first to be tried out, so they are cracked in around 0.2 seconds. In other words, a brute force attack can hack a weak Facebook password instantly.

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2-Dictionary attacks

Dictionary attacks rely on guessing a password just like brute-force ones. The main difference is that dictionary attacks first try out the most likely password variations, and then work from there. Ok let me explain this with an example, so if the cybercriminal knows you are a huge fan of the Virat Kohli or your girlfriend name (so much so that you have a tattoo of your girlfriend name on your arm), then he will set the software to first try out all combinations related to the word “virat123”, such as “viratanushka” or “myloveritika%”. So the hacking time will go down from nearly 2 centuries to just a few hours or days at most. The more information an attacker knows about you, the higher his chances of hacking your password.

Similar to Brute force attacks, hackers use software or some coding lines to hack passwords using Dictionary attacks.
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