A boy who earned 10-12cr from Android App Development


We all know about passive income. But the question of how to generate it?. When you search the answer to this question on google then you will find all the answers related to affiliate marketing or to become a YouTuber, etc. but hardly you will find App development as an Answer. But believe me guys, App development is the most amazing Passive income. I myself earn more than 10 cr per year from my Android Apps. 

And now in the blog, I am going to share everything with you like how I learn Android app development and how I am generating 10cr per year from my Apps. 

Learning Android App development is easy but the problem is we as a beginner don’t know from where we should learn. We go to youtube and search for the tutorial but there are so many videos of Android App development and we don’t know which one should we watch first. That’s why I suggest you take an Android App development course so that you can systematically learn App development.

But now the problem is from where we should take courses because there are so many courses and most of them are expensive. So don’t worry, you can learn Android App development from “ihacknet”. They provide a complete Android App development course worth 2500Rs/-  with a Certificate in just 449Rs/-. I personally suggest you join this courseClick here to join that course

Now after learning Android app development. You can build your App. but the question of what kind of App you can create. Well, you can create any kind of App that is user-friendly. Means users have to open that app at least 1 time a day or a week. If your user engagement is high then your earning will also be high. 

After creating your App. you can put Apps on it. Now you have two options for Ads the first one is Google Admob and the second one is Facebook ads. According to me, both are a good source of income. You can apply for both of them. But I personally use Google AdMob.

So that’s all for this blog now. In the next blog I will share how I increase my App user engagement and also I am going to reveal my Apps names. So till then please take your first step and start learning Android app development. 

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