How Hackers Check Who Is Connected To Your Wifi And Their Social Media Passwords


Wi-Fi security is essential and has become stronger over the years. But hackers still find different ways to hack Wi-Fi and steal data of the devices connected to it. It is not just the public Wi-Fi that you should be aware of, but even your own. If a hacker gets access to your Wi-Fi then they can recover your bank account details, social media passwords, and many more important passwords.

So, how do hackers get access to your Wi-Fi and how do they get to check your social media passwords? Read further to know.

Getting Access To Wi-Fi

There are different W-Fi securities now in use, such as WEP, WPA or WPA2, Mac Address Filtering, Hidden Network, and many more. These securities have made hacking difficult, but still have loopholes through which your Wi-Fi can get hacked. Out of all these, WPA and WPA2 are the strongest and most difficult to crack. But even that can be cracked through Dictionary Attack (Word List Attack) or Fluxion attack. 

Word List Attack 

Word List Attack is based on probability, where the hacker will try different passwords based on their knowledge about you and crack your passwords. It is generally done by hackers who are starting and don’t have much idea about Wi-Fi hacking.

Fluxion Attack

On the other hand, the Fluxion attack is the most successful form of hacking. Here, Man in the Middle Attack is used to cut the wifi connection and asks the victim to add their password for connecting to the Wi-Fi again. A very subtle way of asking for the Wi-Fi password.

Getting Access To Your Social Media Passwords

Now, let’s be honest, we all need our social media accounts to stay in touch with everyone. Sometimes, we share some personal and sensitive information with our friends and family through our account too. Imagine the abundance of material that your hacker will get if they find out your social media password. 

The hacker can use various software or methods to get their hands on your social media passwords. Some of them are:-

Using The Sniffer Software

As the name suggests, sniffer software is used to sniff around whatever is going on your screen. If you log in to your device, while a hacker is using sniffer software over your Wi-Fi, then they will get access to your login ID as well as your password. Forget about your Instagram post you were planning to post, now your account is gone. If you want to learn more about this method then you can read our Wifi hacking and social media hacking e-books. In these e-books we will teach you so many things from very basic to advanced. If you are really interested in learning ethical hacking then you can buy our All 8 ethical hacking e-books worth 23389Rs/- in just 198Rs/- Click here to Read

Man In The Middle Attack 

MITM attacks are generally considered to be the hacker lying between the connection of the victim and their accounts while observing their activities. They can even manipulate the traffic so that you go to your social media account. Hackers can put up a screen between you and your social media account, where you’ll have to add your password. Once added, your account will be there.

There are many different ways a hacker can check who is connected to your wifi and their social media passwords. For a complete knowledge about hacking you can read these 8 ebooks personally suggested by me, in these ebook you will learn about MITMs and Fluxion in-depth. 

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