How to turn off any Android phone with SMS or call


The fear one faces when their phone battery dies and switches off is immense, but what if you can switch off a phone without draining their battery? Or it can occur that you want to secure your phone in cases of theft. Though android phones are becoming hard to crack with every passing day, it is not impossible. To secure your device you need to have a few tricks up your sleeves. 

Androids process the incoming messages even before you open that message. This leaves no option for a person to prevent hacking. Yes, you will have to hack your phone to save it from the others. 

A single text message can make your phone freeze and force it to restart. Google already knows this issue but it isn’t sure if they are working on any fix. 

Turn Off Android Phone With SMS

For Turning off an Android Phone With SMS one needs to send a message which has a malicious link into it. Or you’ll need a trojan horse or RAT deployed for doing this. But trojan horse or RAT can not do the work for every android. Daily there are various updates in the android software which can make these software old. 

So, you might have to send phishing software. Phishing or Smishing as it applies here will give you remote access to the entire phone of the person. Thus, you can turn off the android phone easily. You can learn about Turning off the android phone with calls and messages in detail in our Complete Ethical Hacking For Beginners to advance where you’ll learn about commands, system hacking, and every basic thing a beginner needs.

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