How To Bypass OTP SMS Verification Of Any Website And App


Sometimes you can get worried about giving your number to various websites for registering yourself. Or you might not be using a sim because of a dummy phone but need to get access to a website or app. Generally, websites and apps ask for a One-Time-Password (OTP) while registering a new person on its database. This is done to ensure that the details are correct and there is no forgery. But some websites aren’t credible but have the information that you want. Additionally, there is the stress of data leaks and having your information being sold to the dark web. 

To avoid this, you can use dummy numbers from any of the following websites for bypassing the OTP verification. These websites give you dummy numbers to get OTP on and then you can throw off or forget this dummy number. 

These websites let you take a dummy number for free and use it for your benefit.


But, remember, these websites are for public use only so try not to click on any advertisement or link. 

But, how can you generate the number? Well, these websites and many others give you the option to select your country first. This is to give you the code of +91. Next, it will show you the list of dummy numbers that you can use. Just click on one and it will generate the number. Add this number to your website which is asking for OTP verification. You’ll receive an OTP on the dummy number’s website. Add the OTP and you are good to go. But try not to use these numbers for official work as that can cause confusion. 

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