How to check Private accounts photos on Instagram


Instagram has now become the most popular social media network available. And with over 800 million monthly active users, it is easy to understand why everyone wants to get on Instagram.

One of the things that make Instagram stand out from the rest of its competitors is its ability to offer more privacy than other social networks like Facebook or Twitter. This means that if you are an avid user of Instagram, you might have private accounts for your friends or family members who don’t want their photos shared publicly.

The private account feature was designed so that not every post could be accessed by the general public and henceforth, it can be a great way to protect your privacy online. But this doesn’t mean that one can’t access photos and images of a private account. 

An Instagram bug can’t let you see the shared images, videos, and stories of a private account. Well, it isn’t like there weren’t many glitches in Instagram already, but this one is useful if you want to search for a person. Identified by Mayor Fartade who earns by pointing out bugs, was the one who gave us the knowledge of finding out this bug. With the right link, anyone can check out a private Instagram account. 

The bug not only gave access to seeing the photos posted, but stories, IGTV, reels, archived posts, comments, likes, shares, even the image link. This could be beneficial; for hackers but of course not for individuals who want to maintain privacy. To check all these, one needed to use the Instagram GraphQL tool available on its developer library. One only needed to know the MediaID of the post they wanted to access and boom, they had the entire account in front of them. 

The bug was rectified and done away with in June 2021, but wait, there are many other methods for you to access a private Instagram account. 

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