How Can You Restrict Others From Seeing Who Are You Following On Instagram?


Instagram is now used by everyone. Your parents, neighbors, friends, ex-partners are also on this app. The abundance of users makes Instagram develop more user-friendly features. Now, you surely don’t want your father to see those models you are following on Instagram. Neither do you want your skeptical partner to see the new person that you have started following, as it may give rise to fights and misunderstandings.

Here comes the question, whether you can hide your following from someone or not. Instagram still doesn’t have that feature yet. But, there are some pretty easy ways to do so, but they are not as effective as others are. Let’s talk about the easy ways of handling this situation.

Make Your Account Private

This is a very easy option. All you need to do is switch your public account to a private one. By doing so you’ll restrict those who don’t follow you from seeing your activities. Also, they won’t be able to see who you follow, or who follows you. Now, this is an effective way if your stalker doesn’t follow you and takes advantage of the public account feature.

Remove The Person From Your Following

If you have someone in your following who might be checking your following list. Then the easiest way to stop them from doing so is by removing them from your followers. This doesn’t notify the person and they will have to send a follow request again to you. You can simply keep them in the follow-request list now.

As said, these are effective to an instant and do not include a rare case scenario of the stalker being your close friend or partner. For that, you can take our Instagram Hacking from Bugs to Bug Bounties| Beginner to Advanced Course where you will learn different methods of hiding your Instagram following and various other things.


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