Your deleted file still exists!


“I accidentally deleted my pictures from my laptop. Is it possible for me to recover?”

Like me, You might have also deleted your files, photos, or videos which are no more important for you? Or might be by mistake! But did you ever know that it only disappeared from your eyes? Files aren’t permanently deleted! 

Hi guys, welcome to my blog! Today I am gonna share with you a truth that we often misunderstand. When we delete a file, it obviously goes to the “trash” or “bin”. But after clearing those trash too, where does that go? Any ideas? So where does that go? Well, when we delete anything on our computer or laptop it gets stored in the hard drive of our computer. And if anyone wants to recover those, it can be done with the help of some tools and Softwares. 

The same happens with the mobile phone- your files, photos, videos or any document deleted can be retrieved if anybody wants. In mobile phones, it is stored in the internal memory. So when a file space is deleted, new data is able to use its space at any time, and then, overwrite the deleted data.

Recovering the deleted data isn’t very easy. If you are thinking of recovering your girlfriend’s or boyfriend’s data, then you will struggle a bit. There are some amazing Softwares that can help to recover deleted files and data?

Some Tools for your PC are :- 

  • Recuva 
  • Stellar Data Recovery
  • Disk drill
  • UnDeleteMyFiles Pro

Some Android Recovery Tools are:- 

  • Tenorshare UltData for Android
  • MiniTool Mobile recovery for Android
  • FoneLab

These products give some free trial services for a period of time. You can use it for some trial and then you need to pay for the software. So in almost every case nowadays, police or investigation agencies prefer doing Data recovery of digital equipment, like laptops and mobile phones, because it helps the most in all types of investigation these days. Secondly, it is a really reliable source of evidence. 

Well, I think that’s all for today! Hope to see you soon with an interesting topic! Till then keep learning and sharing my blogs. And don’t forget to comment below on your suggestion!


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