5 Instagram Hacking Apps

You can know how you can hack an Instagram account through these apps...

We are living in the digital world. It is difficult to find someone who doesn’t have an Instagram account. Nowadays, people have not only one but even multiple accounts that they use for various purposes. Maybe business-related or to hide something from their friends or family. 

The more digital footprint someone leaves, the more they give out information about themselves to others. And some people are highly interested in knowing about someone else’s day, only to hack their profile later. But apart from the hackers even normal people sometimes wish to hack an account of their loved ones. Since we do not have the technical know-how, we succumb to the apps available on Playstore for hacking these accounts, and plenty of the time those are fake or fool us. 

If a genuine app still exists for hacking Instagram, then it is banned by the PlayStore as it is illegal to hack someone’s account. But these banned apps are available somewhere else. Also, PlayStore can only ban those apps which have proven to be illegal, if there exists an app that hasn’t been under the surveillance of the bots then it is still available. 

So, let’s get on to it and see whether there are any apps available on PlayStore or were banned. 


The app is deemed to be the best Instagram hacking app ever, but as it gained popularity it came under the wrath of Playstore bots and was banned from PlayStore. Not just an Instagram hacking app, Cocospy also helped in tracking the location, calls, messages, WhatsApp, and Snapchat. 

An app created for protecting children was being used by normal people to hack the Instagram profiles of normal people. Since it could track the SMS of any phone, people started using the forget password feature and use it to hack Instagram accounts. 

But, it was removed from PlayStore and is now available only on its official website.


It is not always an option that you can completely hack someone’s profile, sometimes you just need to keep an eye on their activities. And to do so, Minspy comes into play. Through a phishing attack, you can find the password of someone and log in to someone’s account. But the profile owner will get to know about it. To hide the fact that you have hacked into someone’s profile, you need to keep that information a secret and Instagram notifies the account owner whenever there is any login activity from a different IP address. 

Here comes Minspy which protects you from being visible on Instagram. This app cannot be found on Playstore as it violates the terms and conditions of the latter but you can find it on its official website. 


A relatively new app that was not able to launch itself on Playstore due to issues with its legality and functions, but the app is a must if you need to hack someone’s Instagram. 

It provides a carousel of features apart from Instagram hacking. Here you can track the phone location of the device, and track the calls, and messages and it works for android phones efficiently. 

You get to see the phone on which Instagram is downloaded on a different device. Every message, every story upload, and every request is on your device. And the best thing? It’s free. 


If you tend to get confused during the navigation process, then Spyic is the app for you. The splendid UI structure of this application makes it extremely easy to be used by non-professionals. 

Instagram has come up with a private messages feature that lets people chat with each other in a private session that expires once the session is closed. This feature is yet to be hacked by most applications. 

But Spyic not only hacks the user’s profile at the surface but also dives deeper into the private messages section and gives you all the information you need. 

Follower Analyzer 

Almost everyone has used this application to analyze their following, followers, likes trends, and comments trends. The only way to access the app is to log in to their Instagram account via the app. Previously this app was safer to use or Instagram wasn’t updated enough to catch up on it. But recently Instagram has started asking its users to not use any follower analyzer app which asks the user to put in their login credentials such as user ID and password. The social media giant has even gone ahead and said that it is a phishing attack on the user’s profile as the website they put login through is not Instagram. 

Now you might think about whether these apps work or if it is just a sham. Well, these apps work, they are the top Instagram hacking apps that are available. One might get confused with the interface or the amount of time it takes to work. But there can be instances when the app doesn’t, this can occur when the profile has 2-factor authentication or when the user is smart to understand that their account has been hacked and change their password. 

The only legitimate way to hack someone’s Instagram account is through phishing or using an application available on the dark or deep web which is far beyond the reach of normal people.