How Can You Create Hacking Software??

How Can You Create Hacking Software??

Hacking has taken a prominent place in our lives and if you search the word “hack” on any search engine then you will be bombarded with ads related to free or paid hacking software and tools. And being someone new in the field you might even end up paying for some software that doesn’t work and is only a scam. So, how do these hackers hack something? What tools and software do they use? Is there any specific website from which hacking software can be downloaded?

Well, the simple answer is that experienced hackers create their own software and don’t rely on anyone else for help. They use coding to create their hacking software.

But what is hacking software you may ask? Hacking software is a type of computer program that is used to hack into other computers. A hacking software needs to have the ability to bypass security measures and protect against detection by antivirus programs. The software could be created in any coding language, but it would be best if it was made in a programming language that can be easily understood by hackers. After creating the software, it can be used for cyber-attacks such as DDoS attacks or ransomware attacks.

Learning Coding Language

First, you need to learn any coding language. These languages help in writing the code for the software which you want to make work. There are multiple languages available such as python, java, C++, etc. There are multiple videos and courses online that help you learn these languages. The language which is used the most by hackers is Python.

Installing Coding Language Software on Device

Install the language’s software on your device after you’ve decided on the language you wish to learn and code in. You may simply locate the language’s software by searching for it on Google or any other search engine. Make sure you only download from the official site and not somewhere else.

Start Learning Coding

Open Sublime Text and save the file on your desktop as a .py file.

Let’s make a Web Scraping file, but what is web scraping? Web scraping is the practice of extracting material and data from a website using bots. Web scraping, as opposed to screen scraping, which just scrapes pixels seen on screen, retrieves underlying HTML code and, with it, data saved in a database. After then, the scraper may reproduce the full website’s content elsewhere.

So, let’s start now.

We want that when the user provides input of the domain link, the tool visits the domain by sending a get request and extracting any email ID that is present on the website.

Firstly you have to make sure that you have some modules installed on your device which can be used to make the tool. The modules can be beatuig, beau, urllib, or another. Now you can install the module on your code by writing “import ______(module name)” and multiple other modules which can take care of each different request you need to make. Next create the request you wish to, in the case of web scraping the request is the website or domain link. Later, you need to create sets for different responses such as getting emails.

Next type in the number of domains you want to search that are available on one url and put a break after the number of desired domains. Later you can add in a few more codes to get your program running.

Pen Testing the Software

A penetration test (pen test) is an approved simulated attack on a computer system to assess its security. Penetration testers employ the same tools, strategies, and processes as attackers to identify and show the commercial consequences of system flaws.

If you find any issues with the software, then you will have to check the code again and change it to make it work. Keep on testing the software until it’s error-free.

This is how you can create a hacking software

Hacking software is a program that can be used to hack into someone’s computer. It can be used for malicious purposes, or it could also be used for good, such as when you want to find out what someone’s password is.