Which programming language should you learn first?

Which programming language should you learn first?

So you have finally decided to step into the world of programming. Now the next step is to figure out which programming language you should learn first. Your first programming language creates a base for your future endeavours where you will learn more and develop software. 

aBut let’s first understand what a programming language is. Any set of rules used to translate texts into different types of output machine code is referred to as a programming language, as are rules used to translate graphical programme elements in the case of visual programming languages. The implementation of algorithms on computers is done using programming languages, one type of computer language. 

The different programming languages used today are Python, JavaScript, SQL, C++, and Java. Apart from being the most used, they will also lay your foundation and one of them is the first programming language that everyone learns. 

For deciding which language to learn, consider the answer of the following:

the language-related labour market

the language’s long-term prospects

what projects you can construct while learning the language, and how simple the language is to learn.

Well, when you answer the above-mentioned questions, you will find out that it is JavaScript- the most used programming language which has stuck around for years. 

JavaScript is used by well over half of all developers. It’s essential for front-end website development and becoming more and more significant for back-end development. The Internet of Things and game creation are only two sectors where it is quickly growing.

Additionally, more job listings mention JavaScript than any other programming language save Java.

Market Positioning of JavaScript 

More job advertisements than just about any programming language mention Java. JavaScript comes in second place.

However, despite existing for 20 years, JavaScript has only lately developed into a real tool that businesses like Netflix, Walmart, and PayPal would design entire applications upon.

Because of this, many businesses are employing JavaScript engineers, yet there aren’t too many available positions.

Thus you can understand that there is tough competition when you learn Java, but a lesser competition in the JavaScript field.

JavaScript has a long-term prospect

More pull requests are submitted to JavaScript projects than to Java, Python, or Ruby projects on average. Additionally, JavaScript is expanding more quickly than any other well-known language.

The ecosystem surrounding JavaScript also benefits from significant financial and engineering resources contributed by organisations like Google, Microsoft, Facebook, and Netflix.

JavaScript is easier to learn

High-level scripting languages are, in the opinion of the majority of programmers, fairly simple to learn. This category includes JavaScript, Python, and Ruby.

Ability to Build Multiple Projects with Javascript

JavaScript truly shines in this situation. Any device with a browser can run JavaScript directly in the browser. With JavaScript, you can create pretty much anything and share it anywhere.

Therefore JavaScript has turned out to be the best programming language to learn when you are just starting out. 

Apart from JavaScript, the other languages you can learn are


If you’re searching for a simple and even enjoyable programming language to learn first, Python is always advised. Python looks like English and therefore is easy to grasp for someone who is new to programming, as opposed to having to dive right into rigid syntax restrictions. This enables you to learn the fundamentals of coding without having to focus on minute details that are frequently significant in other languages.


Even though C is one of the most challenging languages to learn, it makes a great first language because it is used to implement practically all other programming languages. This indicates that learning further languages such as C++ and C# will be simple once you have mastered C.


Ruby is identical to Python being that it’s among the simplest programming languages for those without any previous experience learn. It contains a tonne of useful libraries and tools, and you can learn it without needing to know a tonne of commands or programming jargon.

With a vast range of programming languages available, it can be difficult for anyone to decide. But the first step is to search and start learning. Thus now we believe that you have figured out which programming language you should learn.